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Hey there! I’m Jessica Sainty, the creator behind Jessica Sainty Design.


I’m a self-taught artist that is currently studying to be a Graphic Designer & Illustrator. I’ve had a creative life since as long as I can remember. Everywhere I go I see art & beauty within our world and there’s not a day goes by that I’m not thinking about it.

A lot of my work is based off my emotions, my surroundings & the people in my life!

My family & I moved a lot when I was a young teenager, so I’ve learnt to adapt to my surrounds very quickly. To living by the creek always out fishing, to living out in the bush with the wildlife & always waterfall hunting, to living next to a beach, bridge jumping, surfing, snorkeling & creating beautiful art. Thanks to those experiences, I have grown into the artist I am today!

I cannot picture my life without it & my goal, as an artist, is to inspire people everyday!

On my website, you will find my art, illustrations and soon to be my online portfolio for my Graphic Design.

I hope you enjoyed looking through my gallery & I hope to see you again soon!